How to Teach a Dog to Fetch?

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We know how exciting it is to have your pet dog listen to whatever you say. Not only will you be able to play with them or let them do cool stuff. You also get a sense of accomplishment, knowing that your fur buddy is obedient.

And as a fur parent, we all know that you want to know how to teach a dog to fetch. Well, fret not because this article is meant for you.

How to Start: The Drop Command

The first command you want to educate and teach your dog is the Drop command. You can encourage your dog to steal his toy and take it away from you.

As he executes this movement, slowly move towards the ground, making a contact with the floor. Now, say the words “Drop” or “Drop the thing”. If your dog drops the ball, praise him and give him a pat. You can also give him treats or rewards.

Repeat this command until your dog has grasped that drop is a command.

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch

Moving Forward with the Fetch Command

Start by throwing the toy on your dog and then giving him rewards when he picks it. Repeat this step until your dog is used to it, and he picks up the toy naturally.

Then, throw the toy away and leave it with your dog for him to chase. While you play with this, shout “Fetch” to encourage your dog to chase the toy.

Offer verbal rewards when your dog fetches the toy and plays with it. After that, ask your dog to return the item by saying the verbal command “Come”.

If your pet returns the toy back, make use of the “Drop” command learned beforehand to convince him to throw the item. Make the training a bit fun by rewarding him when the toy is returned and then drops it.

By training your fur buddy, you are helping him stay healthy, happy, and active.


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