What Can Hamsters Eat?

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For their diet, hamsters can generally consume a combination of pellets, seed mixes, clean ingredients, and treats. However, the majority of a puppy hamster’s meals need to be made from premium-quality meals designed mainly for hamsters (now no longer for rats, mice, or cats).

And nowadays, choosing puppy meal alternatives for baby hamsters may be overwhelming. After all, there is a myriad of great options sold in local pet shops and online stores. So, in this guide, we aim to help you learn the great meals to present your hamster and the best ingredients you may provide as treats.

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Hamster Diets

There are several commercial hamster diets available at pet stores, and deciding which one to use can be difficult.

Veterinarians and nutritionists generally agree that a pelleted diet is superior to a muesli-style meal for your hamster. If you’ve been giving your hamster a muesli mix, you’ve probably observed that they always eat the same pieces first. You may have also observed that the same portions are frequently left behind from day to day.

The Right Portion

Pellets, seed mixes, fresh meals, and treats are all options for hamsters to eat as part of their diet. A pet hamster’s diet should consist primarily of high-quality, store-bought food made specifically for hamsters (not for rats, mice, or cats).

Hamsters only require 8-12 grammes of pelleted food each day on average. Snacks should make up no more than 5% of their daily diet. Therefore, keep treats to half a gramme or less to avoid your hamster getting obese (which is about the same as two raisins). You might find it simpler to give them a gramme every other day instead because this is such a little quantity.

What to Feed Hamsters

If you’re giving your hamster a new treat, start by giving him a small quantity at a time so his stomach can become acclimated to it. Too much of a new food might result in diarrhea.

Are you planning to feed almonds to hamsters? Read this article first.

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