How to Stop Your Hamster From Biting?

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Are you having a hard time getting the trust of your pet hamster? Does he always bite your hands whenever you hold him? Well, there can be a number of reasons why that is happening. And in this article, we aim to identify all of them.

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters that are tame are those that feel safe. Most likely, they are also handled regularly, making them used to people around them.

In contrast, hamsters that bite may be scared. It’s like their defence mechanism. That is why they bite you if you try to hold them.

The secret to dealing with these scared creatures is to remember that they are scared. They are not biting because they are aggressive.

How to Keep Your Pet Hamster from Biting You

Biting is generally a result of being terrified and not believing in the person who is keeping them. So, the key to stopping your pet hamster from biting your finger is all about creating a sense of security.

But how do you do it?

The next 9 steps must be followed to create this thought and stop your pet hamster from biting you:

hamster bite

  • Let the hamster be accustomed to you.
  • Keep your fingers clean.
  • As you put your fingers in the cage, you must do that slowly.
  • Develop trust by supplying snacks like almonds.
  • Introduce your pet to having a pet – gradually.
  • Take care when picking the Hammy.
  • Enjoy time with your Hamster.
  • Never disturb a hamster who is sleeping.
  • Do not overreact when your pet hamster bites.

Important Tips

At some point, your pet hamster will no longer bite you. But take things slow. Don’t hold your pet high off the ground because there is a chance that it may jump out. If possible, try to hold it while in its cage. Over time, you can lift it a bit higher.

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