Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

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Almond is an exquisite nut that is packed full of nutrients. It can be utilized in a variety of dishes, and it is commonly used as a topping for salads and ice cream. It is also added to sauces for dipping.

If you are a fan of almonds or other nuts, you most likely have some of them kept in your kitchen. And if you own hamsters as your animal, you could surprise yourself with the possibility that you were able to give them almonds.

But can hamsters eat almonds?

Can Hamsters Consume Almonds?

Can hamsters consume almonds?

Almonds are safe for hamsters to eat but they prefer the sweeter varieties. The bitter ones can prove harmful and risky for the hamsters.

So, for hamsters, you need to give sweet almonds. Also, feed them the best varieties. It is best to give them a small number of almonds several times a week to avoid any health problems.

What Other Nuts Can Hamsters Eat?

Aside from almonds, you may be wondering what other nut varieties can be safely given to hamsters. Well, there are plenty. However, experts recommend feeding them with unsalted nuts. As long as there are no added oils or seasonings, that is fine. Too much high-fat content on these nuts can cause your hamsters to become overweight.

Here is a list of nuts that is safe for hamsters:

  • pecans
  • pistachios
  • walnuts
  • pine nuts
  • hazelnuts
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds

Again, these nuts can be given raw or toasted, and they must not be given daily. It is safe to give them at most twice a week.

In Summary

Almonds are safe for hamsters, and most effectively given when you know what portion of the nut is to provide them with. The safest part of the almond that you may feed to hamsters would be the seed. The shells, pores, and skin should not be fed to them. These parts of the almonds can also cause health issues to hamsters.

Now that we have answered the question, “can hamsters eat almonds,” do you think it is safe for cats to eat lobsters? Well, that is another topic that we will discuss in another article.


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